Online video streaming

Are you organizing an interesting event or sporting event?

We offer you event streaming BluStreamTV. Comprehensive Internet broadcasting service.

We have a professional team of operators and editors with modern equipment.

Streaming provides an opportunity to show an event or venue to a wide audience at low cost. An organized cultural, sports, or business event can make its presence felt online thanks to streaming.

We offer full service video production, creative development and post-production services

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Streaming is increasingly a way to promote tourist attractions, cities, scenic spots. We invite event organizers interested in the service to cooperate with us.

Many variants of cooperation


live image realizations

live sound realizations

live graphic realizations


advanced replay system (slowmotion)

individual broadcast software

individual graphics display software


6 full HD cameras (including 2 mobile cameras)

5 effect cameras

on-board cameras

pictures from a drone


2 implementers

sound engineer

6 operators

graphic designer

on-site technical department

Opportunities during live

mobile studios + lighting

commentator stands

reporter's stand

Broadcast add-ons

editing of shortcuts during the event

live chat

display of language cut

display of additional sources

Our realizations


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