Subiekt in the cloud

A modern sales system that supports the operation of a sales department, store, service point, crafts, etc.

Subiekt GT in the cloud

Subiekt GT is software that supports the sales process in stores, service businesses and sales departments.

For some industries it is an elementary tool.Often, salespeople in the field need remote access to the database of Subiekt or other software in the series.Insert GT.

Installation of Subiekt GT in the cloud will accelerate the work in your company, because all employees can log into the database from any device and from any location!

Work remotely with Subiekt GT on a computer in the cloud from


e-Pulpit24 na urzadzeniach e-Pulpit24 na urzadzeniach

Thanks to the installation Subiekt, or any ERP software, on e-Pulpit24 Any employee with the appropriate rights will be able to log into the company's database at any time.

Server for Subiekt GT 210 zł / month!


Subiekt GT

699,00 ZŁ

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keeping of accounts in the form of a revenue and expense book

keeping records of lump-sum tax

keeping of trade book

personnel and payroll system

customer relations management system

integration with fiscal cash register

license for 3 positions

Implementation of cloud service e-Pulpit24 in a 6-person company

Ms. Patricia, owner of a 6-person company, employs 3 salespeople, an accountant and a human resources manager.

With e-Pulpit24 it allows employees to work in home office mode, because with cloud computing, employees have Full access to programs and business documents.

Traders in the field check inventory in the database on a daily basis Subiekt GT, because have Cloud computer access from your laptop, tablet and phone.

Ms. Patricia was not worried about new equipment for newly hired employees. She got the computer, monitor, mouse and keyboard for free from e-Pulpit24 as part of your subscription

Test your computer in the cloud for 0 zł up to 14 days!



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