Accounting server

Choosing a server for an accounting office is a real challenge.

What server parameters should I suggest? How to allocate space for a server room? How to secure it? Will PLN 20,000 be enough to buy and install a server? There are more questions than answers.

How about keeping accounting in the cloud…?

In the cloud, that is where?

On e-Pulpit24 servers! Discover the innovative offer and advantages of our solution! With us, you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy a server, you won't have to worry about its configuration and installation, and in addition you'll save on electricity, which is largely consumed by server rooms! And security? We cooperate with many companies, larger and smaller, with public administration entities, offices, so we have the highest level of security!

The balance agrees everywhere with e-Pulpit24

Numbers on the right, numbers on the left… Although we are not accounting specialists, we know the basics for sure – for a company to function properly, everything must be correct. Therefore, to our largest group of clients, which are accounting offices, we dedicate the cloud accounting service, which is what we know best.

Thanks to e-Pulpit24, you and the employees of your accounting office have access to all programs and constantly updated data from any device and place where they are. Just log in via remote desktop , click and you can work. Literally everywhere. This is a huge advantage that you will not experience when buying a traditional server for an accounting office.

Accounting in the cloud - work on your system and your programs wherever you want!

By choosing our service, you do not have to change anything. Our specialists migrate databases and install the system and software of your choice . As part of the service, you also receive computer equipment and full service .

E-Desktop24 is adapted to all InsERT programs (Subiekt, Rachmistrz, Symfonia), Wapro, Ennova, Comarch Optima , ERP systems , CRM and other desktop applications , guaranteeing effective and trouble-free work.

Server for accounting programs for PLN 120 / month!


Regardless of whether you settle micro-, medium-sized or large enterprises, with e-Pulpit24 you always have access to tax revenue and expense ledgers and accounting books of your clients at your fingertips.

Full accounting in the cloud is the future of you and your employees.

You can count, count on our safety guarantee

What about security? You don't have to worry about that. We make sure that e-Pulpit24 is protected all the time. And in many ways. There is never too much certainty, therefore:

our server is located in a protected server room and is secured with many security systems, thanks to which it cannot be physically destroyed

it is guarded by a professional firewall and anti-virus protection

we provide personalized access for each employee, including strong password systems

we know how important all data is and that mistakes happen in the form of accidental deletion of some information, that's why we use advanced data protection systems and a backup system that we create every day for each client

we provide data security systems according to the RODO law

Don't waste time and do what many before you have done.

Trust our blue power. Choose your remote server and computer from e-Desktop 24.

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