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Approximate cost of maintaining computers in the company over four years, taking into account the current state of the infrastructure (net prices):

Investment costs

In most companies, the number of desktop computers is at least 5 workstations. Taking this number for further estimation, while assuming the cost of the central unit at the level of PLN 1,000, the total cost incurred for equipping these workstations is PLN 5,000. In addition, having already owned other computers, in order to increase the comfort and efficiency of work, it is recommended to replace the hard drives with SSD models, the cost of which is PLN 250 apiece.

To ensure the security of data storage and a guarantee of failure-free operation (duplicate disks, dual power supply), it is recommended to purchase a server with a suitable operating system and licenses. The cost of this purchase is in the order of PLN 11,000.

A server requires an adequate power source to run smoothly. Therefore, equip the uninterruptible power supply, known as a UPS, with new batteries. This is an amount of PLN 600.

The next step is to purchase a license of the new Windows 10 operating system for each workstation, as the previous, older version has lost its existing basic support and will soon lose its total support (security patches) as well. This will greatly affect the smooth and efficient operation of computer workstations. The purchase of the license is a cost of PLN 2,250.

Recurrent costs

The computer is a device that, under the influence of the passage of time and constant use, wears out and is subject to failure (failure of disks, memory, motherboards...). Therefore, in order to estimate the expenses, you should assume the amount allocated for the necessary repair of the equipment - the approximate cost is about PLN 2,000. In addition, you should also take into account the need to reinstall the system, which is carried out once a year due to failure, computer viruses or system refreshes. For each of the positions, this is an amount in the order of PLN 400.

The cost of electricity consumed by one post, assuming an average consumption of 250W and normal operation, is:

250W * 10h * 250 days * 0.00045 = PLN 281, 25 annually.

The cost of the electricity consumed by the server with the UPS, assuming an average consumption of 600W, is:

2600W * 24h * 365 days * 0.00045 = PLN 2,365.20 per year.

Price Service
PLN 5,000 replacement of 5 desktop computers
PLN 500 replacement of SSD hard drives
PLN 11,000 purchase of the server along with the system and licenses
PLN 600 new UPS batteries
PLN 2,250 purchase a license for Windows 10
PLN 2,000 potential equipment repairs
PLN 2,800 reinstalling the system
PLN 7,875 computer electricity cost
PLN 9,469.80 server electricity cost with UPS

The total cost of maintaining the current infrastructure over four years, assuming equipping 5 new stations and modernizing two existing ones, is:

5,000 + 500 + 11,000 + 600 + 2,250 + 2,000 + 2,8000 + 7,875 + 9,469.80 = PLN 41,494.80.

Additional disadvantages of the current solution:

difficult remote work,

possibility of data loss due to hardware failure,

high cost of equipping a new workplace generated when a new employee is hired,

long repair time in the event of equipment failure (the need to send the equipment to the service or order new elements,

fixed charges for electricity incurred for the use of the server and workstations

e-Pulpit24 - Modern solution for your company

By using our "computer in the cloud" service, all costs related to maintenance and equipment are transferred to us. E-Pulpit24 is access to company computers located on our server by logging in via a remote desktop. The cost of the service is PLN 98.00 per workstation per month (subscription decreases with the increasing number of serviced workstations). The cost of electricity necessary to use the terminal, through which it is possible to remotely log on to the computer, is PLN 180 per workstation per year.

Price Old price Service
PLN 0, equipment included in the subscription price PLN 5,000 replacement of 5 desktop computers
PLN 0, e-Pulpit24 takes care of the infrastructure PLN 500 replacing hard drives with SSDs
PLN 0, no need to purchase a server PLN 11,000 purchase of a server with systems and licenses
PLN 0, e-Pulpit24 takes care of the infrastructure PLN 600 new UPS batteries
PLN 0, e-Pulpit24 has Windows Server licenses PLN 2,250 purchase a license for Windows 10
PLN 1,000 PLN 2,000 potential equipment repairs
PLN 0, migration included PLN 2,800 reinstalling the system
1860 PLN PLN 7,875 computer electricity cost
PLN 0, the client does not need a server or UPS 9469.80 server electricity cost with UPS
PLN 23,520 - subscription cost *

* The calculation assumes 5 positions for 4 years (79*5*4*12= PLN 23,520) e-Pulpit24 does not require long-term contracts, the contract is indefinite with one month's notice.

The total cost of maintaining 7 workstations and a server over 4 years using e-Pulpit24 is:

3,000 + 30,366 = PLN 33,336

By using e-Pulpit24 you save PLN 8,158.80 per year!

Additional advantages of e-Pulpit24:

facilitated the possibility of remote work,

any number of people employed in remote work mode,

access to the workstation 24/7, from anywhere in the world with Internet access,

using the service from any device after logging in via remote desktop,

a small, fixed monthly subscription amount instead of a high capital expenditure for equipment,

guarantee of system security with a backup copy,

standardization of systems and equipment resulting in more effective work,

the cost of equipping a new employee's workplace is PLN 98 per month


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