Rachmistrz GT

A modern system for handling simplified accounting.

Rachmistrz GT is recommended for companies keeping income and expense ledgers, and payers of flat tax.

Rachmistrz is an excellent tool for self-documenting businesses and accounting offices.

With the microGratyfikant GT program included free of charge, it is possible to do basic payroll editing.

Work remotely with Rachmistrz GT on a cloud computer from e-Pulpit24

Thanks to the installation of Rachmistrz , or any ERP software, one-Pulpit24 Any employee with the appropriate permissions will be able to log in from any device at any location.

Rachmistrz GT

PLN 400

keeping a book of income, expenses and records of lump sum tax

keeping of VAT records

keeping of vehicle data records

keeping records of fixed and intangible assets

payroll service

full service of electronic dispatch of tax declarations

handling adjustments to tax declarations

issuance of ZUS declarations

integration with Subiekt GT system

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Rachmistrz GT in the cloud e-Pulpit24

Thanks to the installation of Rachmistrz, or any ERP software, on e-Pulpit24 any employee with the appropriate rights will be able to log into the company's database at any time.

Computer in the cloud e-Pulpit24 facilitates work in the home office, because employees have full access to programs and business documents by logging into their account from any device connected to the Internet!

Salespeople in the field continuously check inventory in the Rachmistrz GT database, because they have access to the cloud computer from their laptops, tablets and phones.


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