IT support

We provide comprehensive IT security support.



Stała opieka

SALARY PLN 90 - PLN 160 PLN 2,500 net from PLN 200
Maintaining the workplace - PLN 1,500 PLN 0
Trainings - PLN 300 /month PLN 0
Trips PLN 30 / 1 commute approx. PLN 400 / month PLN 0
Total cost average 20h / month = PLN 1,800 PLN 6,400 from PLN 200
One-time order
Salary PLN 90 - 160
Insurance -
Maintaining the workplace -
Trainings -
Trips PLN 30 / 1 commute
Total cost approx. 20h / month = PLN 1,800
IT specialist on the job
Salary PLN 2,500 net
Insurance PLN 1,700
Maintaining the workplace PLN 1,500
Trainings PLN 300 / month
Trips approx. 400zł / month
Total cost PLN 6,400
Constans IT support
Salary from PLN 200
Insurance PLN 0
Maintaining the workplace PLN 0
Trainings PLN 0
Trips PLN 0
Total cost PLN 200

IT care for websites

Constant care is the best way to keep the site up to date.

Our IT care is a service addressed to people who need reliable and professional activities related to the correct operation of the website. The benefits of our offer include:

Guarantee of proper functioning of the website

Minor website fixes

Performing minor front-end modifications

Performing minor back-end modifications

Immediate response in case of unexpected failures

Why you should consider additional care

Using our knowledge resources, you have the ability to implement more complex IT projects.

The advantages of our IT support include saving time and money - things that are very scarce nowadays.

Our specialists will help you improve and increase the level of security.

Don't worry about server support.
We will comprehensively solve problems with your hosting.

We have been providing IT services for 20 years. We have 11 years of experience in providing services to companies in the financial, industrial and public administration sectors.

Thanks to this, we are aware of the importance of ensuring the security and reliability of IT systems. Our experience is supported by many certificates and training in the field of IT, Cloud technology, Microsoft and the Windows environment.

Our offer includes, among others:

Web server administration
Administration of mail servers
Telephone/email helpdesk

Setting up new hardware
Repairs related to the lack of internet
Consulting in the field of modernization and purchase of new equipment

Current software update
Data archiving and backup
Data recovery (restoring from copies of older files)

We help our clients build an advantage on the market

Every day we focus on making it easier for you to focus on your business goals.

We know that the equipment you work on and the data you collect are crucial for the functioning of your company.

We work to ensure that your key resources are unthreatened and work goes according to plan.


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