Holiday Office

Instead of the Home Office!

Work remotely all year round from any location from any device. Don't give up on Holiday Office!

Test up to 14 days

Holiday Office instead of the Home Office!

Have you already used up all your vacation time? Are you working in home office mode? Start a Holiday Office! Purchase access to e-Desktop24 for only 1 month! Work remotely in a secure environment with access to your programs, systems and databases databases. Use Insert, Subiekt, Sage, Płatnik programs, CRM and ERP systems in the e-Pulpit24 cloud!

What about CEOs and business owners who don't go on vacation and work in their company 24 hours a day? They too deserve Holiday Office!

What is a cloud computer?

It's a service that allows you to work from any device from anywhere in the world! Your entire computer with all the applications and programs that are available by logging into your workstation Workstation whenever you need it.

Jak działa komputer w chmurze

Benefits of e-Pulpit24

* POWER SAVING - We maintain the entire server room.

* SECURITY - Professional firewall and antivirus, advanced security systems, strong password systems.

* WORKING COMFORT - From any device from any location.

* TECHNICAL SUPPORT - Migration and configuration Your favorite programs.

* TERMINAL FOR FREE - When purchasing min. 3 workstations work equipment ( terminals ) you will receive free of charge!

* DATABASE COPY - We regularly make a copy of of your data, in case of damage to the hard drive, for example, you do not lose your data!

* LOW PRICE - Don't overpay for cloud work!



210 zł /month

Computer in the cloud

Price for one user (place)

After customer authentication, activation up to 24 working hours

Basic parameters

Disk capacity: 10GB

Windows server 2019

Interface Windows 10

Link speed: 1GB/s

Office software

Own software

Cost comparison of local server to e-Pulpit24

own server



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Biuro GT

500,00 zł

Gestor GT

500,00 zł

Rewizor GT

1100,00 zł

Gratyfikant GT

1100,00 zł

MINI computer - FREE

When you purchase COMPUTER IN THE CHAMBER service.

When you decide to use our remote desktop service, you will receive from us a us a terminal for remote work for FREE*! You don't have to worry about purchasing hardware, we will do it for you!

*Gratis is available from 3 posts upwards

Komputer MINI

Who is a cloud computer for?

If you use your computer for work then by all means. Our service is mainly directed to:

Contact with us!

Not sure if cloud computing is for you?

Would you like to learn more?

Do you have any questions about the offer?

Our specialists will answer all your questions.

Write to us, call, get in touch comfortably.


Examples of implementations

The accounting office can serve as a flagship example of how to use a cloud server to perform its functions. After moving distributed databases and programs to a central server, you can reorganize the work of the office.Some documents can be entered by junior accountants.....

The use of the e-Pulpit24 server in the practice of multi-branch companies is a solution that immediately imposes itself as the most logical, even obvious one. First of all, relationships with contractors are recorded in one central database. It is definitely easier to control inventory levels or financial results of branches. At the same time, settlements with contractors are recorded in one central database and the company has full control over them....

The use of the e-Pulpit24 server in commercial departments allows you to integrate various, often only fragmentarily related fragmentarily related activities into one coherent whole: on a single platform that is remote access to e-Pulpit. First of all, relationships with contractors are recorded in one central database. In addition, it is easy to maintain a consistent pricing and discounting policy...

Manufacturing companies rely on typically specialized software both to oversee the process of production as well as controlling individual machines. In a shop floor environment, computers are exposed to to specialized hardware to work - just a simple terminal to which a keyboard is attached, mouse and monitors. The allocation of people to individual tasks or applications can be arbitrary, as they are available in the digital cloud....

Software companies usually work on a very diverse, however, known in advance set of applications: editors, debuggers, runtime and test environments. Once the distributed programs are moved programs to a central server, the work of the office can be reorganized. Each new team member can start work on the fly, so to speak, since the entire environment for writing and running applications has an immediate immediately....


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