Enova ERP in the cloud

Join the nearly 15,000 organizations that use enova ERP every day!

ENOVA system is a modular ERP software that will meet the needs of even the most demanding users in every area of the company. Among the main areas of the ENOVA system are:






Human Resources and Payroll

in the cloud


Enova365 allows you to integrate the system with specialized industry software. Everything in one system - ERP!


Enova365 allows you to manage your company tailored to your business. Get the functionality you need and get started

Regulatory compliance

Enova365 is a system that is continuously adapted to changing legislation.

Use e-Pulpit24 as a server for enova365.

In order for the program to work properly, every enova365 user in the company must have their computer access to the e-Pulpit24 cloud.

Price per 1 access when purchasing min. 3 accesses.

120 zł

Test the cloud for enova365

Why opt for enova365 system?

With the ability to host the ERP system in the cloud, each user will receive a personalized system that allows them to enjoy all the benefits of this technology.

The server hosts a shared database and software, and you gain access to your company's resources from any device, from any location. The only condition? Access to the INTERNET!

Choose your version of ENOVA - customize the system to your needs

STANDARD version

A traditional model that allows you to install the software on your own server with a database.

SILVER version

It is ideally suited for small and medium-sized companies that account for themselves with the help of a revenue and expense ledger and additionally keep a maximum of only one warehouse.

GOLD version

A great choice designed for medium-sized companies, the gold version allows them to keep commercial ledgers and multiple warehouses.


Dedicated to large companies, it enables them to support a multi-branch enterprise.

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ENOVA system integration

System integrator ENOVA365 allows you to implement data exchange between remote installations. This is a built-in, ready-to-use functionality that can only be used with a properly configured system.

System ENOVA365 provides the opportunity:

system integration

integration with external tools

ERP implementation

The process of implementing an ERP system is very complex and involves several steps to ensure that the system fits perfectly with yours.

A key element is diagnosis and pre-implementation analysis, through which we define the company's needs and analyze its processes. The next stage is the creation of a comprehensive ERP system by experts.

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Stages of ERP system implementation in large companies

Implementing an ERP system in large companies is just as complex as it is for medium-sized and small businesses. Every part of the process is crucial and determines the final satisfaction of the user. Large companies have a very complex structure by which ERP implementation requires a thorough analysis of processes.

ENOVA modules increase employee efficiency. That is why the pre-implementation analysis is extremely important and must take into account the most important elements needed in all organizational units during the company.

Implementing ENOVA on a cloud-based computer for accounting offices

Cloud computing allows you to use a variety of software, applications and databases from wherever you are! Our specialists take care of database migration, installation of software for accountants and granting permissions.

We offer the possibility of implementing ENOVA365 program on your computer in the cloud for accounting offices. This solution will facilitate your work and modern management of the Accounting Office Thanks to it you can transfer data and documents between the Client and the Accounting Office through a self-service platform for electronic communication. Program for Accounting Offices enova365 guarantees the Client access to tax settlements and settlements without the need for telephone or email contact.All the most important information at hand 24/7.


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