Best email client for Windows

eM Client is a fully functional email client. It has a modern and friendly interface. It is also enriched with a notepad, calendar, chat and contact list.

Discover a tool that will improve email management and increase productivity

eM Client is ideal for businesses. It will ensure professional communication in your team or company

Customize the eM Client for you!

The eM Client supports different colors. It has intuitive contact views and an interface with different calendar views.

Work remotely on a Cloud Computer from e-Pulpit24

Each employee has the opportunity to useeM Client, by logging on toe-Pulpit24From any device in any location


PLN 399.00

support for all email technologies

sending emails with a delay

synchronization of calendar and tasks from any service (e.g. Gmail)

message encryption

synchronization of contacts from any service (e.g. iCloud, Gmail)

sync notes across all your devices

translation of incoming and outgoing e-mails


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Work remotely with eM Client on a cloud computer from e-Pulpit24

Which email program should I choose?

When looking for the right email program for you, it's worth considering paid mail clients. Commercial versions have an advantage over free ones in quality and speed, security and many other cons.

eM Client allows management of messages w taki sposób, jaki nie pozwala żaden inny program. Dodawanie tagów, kolorów, szablonów to tylko część udogodnień. Wszystkie opcje są przejrzyste dzięki intuicyjnego interfejsowi. Navigation of the mail client is very simple and follows the most popular standards.

In the event of a disaster, you don't have to worry about losing your messages, as systematic back-up copies of data are made. The mail client is very secure by performing frequent security accutations oraz message encryption. With the increasing content of your mail, eM Client does not slow down its work. The speed of the eM Client is unrivaled! Compared to other programs, it can help save memory.

eM Client will meet your company's professional communication needs!


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