EU Guidelines for Digital Security.

NIS2 Directive, adopted in 2023, is an update to the EU's first cybersecurity law from 2016. Its goal is to adapt security standards to new digital threats. The new regulations cover a broader range of companies and introduce classification as crucial or important. They also impose additional obligations, including those related to risk management and incident response.

What is the NIS2 Directive and What Does It Change?

It is a set of principles and regulations aimed at ensuring a high level of security in critical sectors of the EU. It came into effect in January 2023, and companies have until October 2024 to implement the new requirements.

The changes encompass a broader range of companies and eliminate the distinction between different types of service operators. Now, companies are classified as crucial or important, taking into account medium and larger enterprises.

What Do Companies Need to Do Regarding the NIS2 Directive?

Key or important companies should conduct a security audit, develop a Continuity of Operations Plan, and implement risk management solutions and security analysis. It is also important to secure digital infrastructure and respond consciously to incidents. Our company offers support in complying with the NIS2 Directive. We provide personalized solutions tailored to the needs of each business, regardless of industry or current security measures.

Key industries that must conduct a cybersecurity audit by October 2024 according to the requirements of the NIS2 Directive include:

  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Banking
  • Financial market infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Drinking water sector
  • Sewage
  • Digital infrastructure
  • ICT service management
  • Public administration
  • Space

Is Your Company Classified as Key or Important?

According to EU regulations, specific steps are necessary to adapt to new standards and avoid consequences associated with their violation. First and foremost, it is essential to conduct an information system audit, allowing an assessment of the security level and compliance with the new NIS2 requirements. It will also identify areas requiring improvement.

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